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Want to meet higher quality matches? Are you having a hard time standing out from the endless stream of meaningless pictures? Do you even have the patience and time to manage all those apps and messages? With marginal success?

Are you tired of behaviour such as ghosting, orbiting, and breadcrumbing? Basically turning people into items in an online shopping cart?

With all the terrible things people do to each other on dating sites these days, it’s really easy to feel like it’s only happening to you. The truth is, it’s not. The Shift Dating Team helps you get through those pain points. We show you how and why some of your texts are potentially attracting the wrong kind of person. Or how your photos could be missing the mark.

Shift Dating helps time starved online daters, discreetly, and confidently find success with online dating.

Our devoted team of Professional Dating Managers make sure our clients get back the luxury of time while meeting the matches of their lives.

Online Dating is riddled with algorithms that often work against you. Things just don’t seem to be working and the matches you think you should be getting just aren’t surfacing. 

Access proven tools and advice to turn all that around with the Shift Dating Team on your side. 

Take advantage of a Free Coaching Session and our downloadable guide to get you started.

“Dating online has been tiresome and frustrating. Mediocre matches or no matches at all. My coach at Shift Dating turned everything around for me. Her tricks starting working for me right away. They found amazing matches and dates that just never existed before. I’ve told all my friends to try the team at Shift!”

Our clients see results fast. They are accessing the best matches of their lives. They just need to show up for their dates and have fun.

It may seem like there’s no escaping the “dating apocalypse” you’re experiencing, but a few savvy daters have discovered a new way to date. They’ve completely shifted their mindset.

Help from our professionals will ensure you are achieving your online dating and relationship goals. Get the help you need. Whether it’s Tinder, OKCupid, Match, or Bumble. The Shift Dating Team will turn it all around for you!

Our team will provide personalized tips and tricks to start getting the witty banter you’ve always wanted to see on apps such as Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, or Hinge.  

Getting started is free and easy.

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You’ve started, or are thinking of starting online dating. But just can’t seem to get it right or you don’t know where to start.

This package is designed for you. It includes:

  • Review and re-write customized bios and a full redesign and overhaul of your online dating profiles
  • Review, update, and redesign, if necessary, all your online dating photos
  • Tips, tools, and advice based on your personal dating goals

Each online dating site has different ways of “managing” profiles. We are here to make sure you are set up in the best way possible for your preferred online dating app

Here’s your chance to access our team of dedicated online dating managers who will help you navigate the finicky and nuanced world of online dating.

This service includes all the offerings of the PROFILE SETUP, plus:

  • One on one access to your own online dating coach 
  • Personalized guidance and coaching through various stages of your online dating journey
  • Access to REAL-TIME advice and tips on how to spark up and sustain engaging online chats

Imagine, your very own personal online dating coach helping you with your photo-galleries, writing up witty profiles, and giving you specific and proven tools for more effective messaging and chatting. Change the way you approach online dating. Forever. 

Dating Coach Support Call - Shift Dating

It can all be incredibly time consuming with marginal reward.

Your Executive Online Dating Coach will take on all the work on your behalf.

The service offers all aspects of the ONLINE DATING COACH, plus:

  • Review and curate hundreds of potential matches on your behalf
  • Manage all messaging, chats and establish rapport with matches
  • Align on matches that meet your criteria
  • Careful screening of potential matches
  • Regular reporting on status
  • Real-time coaching as needed

Whether it’s for Match, Tinder, Bumble or Plenty of Fish. Your personal Executive Online Dating Coach is working, on your behalf, to get you amazing results. Spectacular dates. Your friends will wish they had it so good.

7 Reasons Why

  1. 10 plus years of combined experience!

  2. A deliberate focus on generating the highest quality matches available.

  3. Save yourself from countless hours hunched over your mobile phone or in front of a computer screen.

  4. Remove the tedious aspects of online dating.

  5. Your very own, go-to professional and personal online dating assistant. What could be better!

  6. Full text-messaging access to your online dating personal assistant.

  7. Start living your best life.

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It’s an opportunity for you get a fresh start and shift the way you manage your online dating reality. 

 Get a FREE download! It’s your chance to access Shift Dating’s very own, curated list of Top 5 Proven Tips for Online Dating Success.

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This is an incredibly effective service. Shift Dating proves that online dating can work. If you want dating advice, tips, or just a little bit of help to get you better matches, look no further. Shift Dating gets you dates.