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7 ways to win on Bumble

These are winning tips you can use right now. They will help you get incredible banter on Bumble and definitely impress your latest match.

Bumble is a free dating app that has the same premise of Tinder except with a twist — only women can make the first move and start the conversation after a mutual match in heterosexual relationships. This ultimately makes the app a more empowering and comfortable online dating experience for its users. Since the ball is in the woman’s court, her matches will know there’s a mutual attraction if she messages within the 24 hours she has to start the conversation. 

What we love about this online dating app is that it works!


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Online dating can be frustrating and time consuming, with limited if any results. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

Women like the control features. It’s a layer of confidence that other online dating sites just don’t offer. Which isn’t always the case for many dating sites. 

The sad truth is that women between the ages of 18 to 34 are twice as likely as men to have experienced sexual harassment online. This, according to a 2017 study by the Pew Research Center. Nothing puts a damper on the dating app experience like receiving unprompted, and lewd comments that make a person feel uncomfortable.

Everyone needs to choose a platform where they feel safe while connecting with new and exciting singles. FYI, for those interested in a partner of the same sex, either person can send the first message to see if there’s a spark after they’ve both swiped right.

Whether it’s your 1st or 10th time downloading this iconic yellow app, we know you’ll be able to use these tips to keep the conversation flowing.

Read on to learn all 7 winning tips you can use right now.

It’s time you got the most out of your banter. And it’ll impress your latest match.

When it comes to cultivating a cool but casual conversation on Bumble, it’s important to step away from the pleasant chit chat and lean into fun, thought-provoking questions.

Brainstorm better openers

“How’s your day going?” might be a polite and friendly way to start a conversation with your colleague while you’re both chilling by the water cooler at work, but chances are your match won’t likely pause their latest Netflix binge if they see a mundane question pop up on their phone. Queue eye-roll.

When it comes to cultivating a cool but casual conversation on Bumble, it’s important to step away from the pleasant chit chat and lean into fun, thought-provoking questions that will open the door to more meaningful conversations that will make you a memorable match. Let the algorithm work in your favour!

Avoid starting any opener with “hi” or the emoji wave.

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Ask open-ended questions

Instead of asking a cutie about their mundane Monday, take the time to think of a clever open-ended question.

This will help you tap into their passions and personality.

Harvard researchers found that people who ask more follow-up questions have increased success in online dating, according to a 2019 study.

Take advantage of this time to learning more about someone new! Here are some of the Shift Dating Team’s personal favorite go-to questions include:

  • “If you won $1000 and had to spend it on yourself in the next three hours, what would you buy?” 
  • “Let’s say you had to leave on your dream vacation tonight, where would you be heading?”.

We have more ideas to get those creative gears going. The Shift Dating team has rounded up three guaranteed ways to get traction on Bumble.

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Read. Actually read those profiles and bios

No matter what dating app you’re using, chances are, both you and the person you’re interested in have encountered the frustrating feeling of excitedly swiping right, only to never talk to their match or have the chance to move past boring pleasantries.

If you’re looking to develop a connection with someone you met on Bumble, the best thing you can do is read the person’s bio and look through all their photos. 

Be authentic! Find subtle ways to show how, if she spends time with you, her life will be so much better. We’re merely trying to get her to chuckle and click-through to your dating profile page. 

Try your best to switch up the conversation to something your match has mentioned or highlighted in their profile.

Our data has shown that your potential match will notice the extra effort. She’ll notice it when you asked about her cute beagle or if she can think of a witty response to her favourite quote from “The Office” that’s noted in her bio.

Our data has shown that your potential match will notice the extra effort you made when you asked about her dog or if she can think of a witty response to her favourite quote from “The Office” that’s written in their bio.

Time is ticking away

Time is your most valuable currency.

Our team at Shift Dating tells all our clients that the best way you can show someone you’re interested in them is by replying to their messages within the first 5 or t10 minutes. This seems to be especially important for this online dating app.

Of course, it’s important not to read too much into response times, you never know where the person is or what they’re doing, so try not to focus too much on whether it takes them 30 seconds or three hours to get back to you.

A good rule of thumb is to not let a message sit in your inbox for more than 24 hours if you want to keep the conversation moving.

Emojis and GIFs keep it light and fun

Keep the conversation lighthearted and easy-going by using Emojis and GIFs to express what words and standalone text can’t. Sprinkle them throughout your chats.

Since you can’t rely on body language during Bumble conversations, emojis have become an essential way to help establish the tone of your message and show you’re engaged and friendly.

Emojis are such an under-rated way to add a bit of fun into your Bumble bio. It works!  And it gets people thinking.

Some of the most-used emojis in top Bumble profiles for both genders include the classic red heart, the face with tears of joy, and the airplane emoji, according to research conducted by the dating app.

We love using GIFs! It’s a clever way to showcase your personality and interests and can be a surefire way to make the other person smile or spur on a new conversation topic.

But, as always, less is more. Pick a few favourites so you know what to search for when the mood strikes. Also, try sticking to a small basic selection of emojis (everybody loves the face with tears of joy emoji ) to keep the chatting fun and approachable.

Find your Mai Tai! You have a lot to offer someone. Pretending to have hobbies, interests, or skills you don’t possess will do more damage than you realize.

Just be yourself

Talking with someone new is always a bit nerve-wracking. Especially when you’re really attracted to them and want to make it work.

There might be an incredible chemistry with your new match, but if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, then it’s never going to work.

  • Rule number 1: Own it! Be confident. Have some fun.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a little bit self-deprecating. Tap into what makes you unique.
  • Maybe you have quirky talent! One of our favourites? A client was rather good at making a killer Mai Tai.

Find your Mai Tai! You have a lot to offer someone. Pretending to have hobbies, interests, or skills you don’t possess will do more harm to finding a compatible date and conversations that you’ll truly enjoy.

Make a move

Reframe how you think about online dating by seeing Bumble and your other favourite dating apps not as a place to learn more about a potential date, but as a place to meet someone new.

Aim to move the conversation off of Bumble as soon as you’ve built a comfortable rapport with someone.

Make the move! Ask for the first date or virtual coffee.

If you’ve been messaging back and forth for a few days or if you feel like you’re curious about how you two may connect in person – now’s the time.

The Shift Dating coaches have found that between 18-24 text exchanges are about the time to consider asking for a meetup.

Some ways you can do this is by asking if they’re comfortable enough to give you their number, or if they would want to arrange a virtual date or grab a drink after work… trust your gut and remember to have fun! 

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