The Future of Dating has Arrived

A letter from Shift Dating's CEO

I’ve seen far too many people struggle with online dating. And the tools that people have to work with just aren’t designed to really help people be successful. Increasingly, men and women are giving up on online dating because they have found that they are spending an excessive amount of time on these different sites with little or no success. Many are simply frustrated and disillusioned. And I don’t blame them.

The purpose of joining an online dating site is to search for a love partner. There is no doubt that people with better physical appearance and clever bios and pictures are more popular.

In the meantime, tons of online daters blatantly alter their profiles to attract others. I’m sure you’ve seen some scary ones out there!

A lot of little white lies are floating around and people don’t know what’s real anymore.

Fact: Online dating platforms are designed to push forward certain profiles and limit the exposure of others. And with machine learning this only becomes more and more biased over time. Netflix anyone?

This bias makes it difficult for some of the smartest, coolest, and most successful people to get ahead with online dating apps.

We’re seeing online dating users decreasing the use of their cognitive resources, and they are increasingly distracted with irrelevant information.

The result is users can’t adequately eliminate inferior options.

In short, online dating has become Amazon …ified

The good news? Online dating apps are providing us with more and more search options. But, it's also triggering users to search and swipe excessively. Sadly, this is leading to less selective processing.

Shift Dating’s team knows how to work the built-in hurdles associated with online dating systems, platforms, and apps. We have successfully accessed the online dating eco-system and worked through the biases to surface comprehensive and favourable matches for our clients. But, we’re always learning. We have to because platforms such as Bumble, Match, Tinder, and eHarmony are continuously evolving. 

My team and I know that time is precious for our clients. We also understand they have certain expectations. We are here to help them win the online dating game. Even star athletes need coaches.

Our clients love Shift Dating’s team! Why? Because they have access to their very own Coach while drinking their morning cup of coffee with their hair rollers in, when lying in bed for 10 minutes before turning off the light to sleep, and during meetings at work. Or when they’re on that first date. We’re there. 

Shift the way you think about online dating…today.

Anita Sedgwick Signature - Shift Dating

Anita Mursic

CEO, Shift Dating Inc.

Your very own dating concierge

The corporate world spends untold billions on coaching executive staff. Why? Because smart leadership understands that evolving one’s skills at work and becoming better at what you do makes a material difference.

Ensuring these tools are provided in a way that is easy to access and immediately actionable makes it even more valuable.

Many of these same executive coaches underscore the value of life/work balance as an essential part of your long-term value.

Yet, when it comes to dating, far too many successful people forget these lessons.

Many time-strapped executives spend untold hours swiping left and right, up or down only to close on some seriously mediocre dates. Such a godawful waste of time.

We’re here to change that, to provide you personalized, yet results-driven, focused customer service. We will equip you with personalized tools and coaching guidance that you can begin to use immediately. The Shift Dating team of professionals know the difference between a red-flag vs. just someone that’s inexperienced. We will save you from all the anxiety of online dating.

We've sat in the same boardrooms

We’re business leaders, who’ve stepped back from status meetings and earnings reports. Now we’re here to help others have someone to share their success with. 

After all your best day at work is a lot less fun when there is no one to share it with. 

Our team of experts speak your language. We’ll keep communications tight, effective, and focused. We want to get you out, meeting the type of matches you’ve always wanted.

We're results driven

  1. Data-driven identification of the dating apps where your profile will perform best. 
  2. Profile customization and bio writing for Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and others. Always matching the best of you to the platforms’ expectations. 
  3. A learnings-based approach to conversation starters and “closing” methods. Including demographic, psycho-social, and qualitative based insights to achieve your objectives.
  4. Personalized suggestions for those initial meet-ups. Including suggestions for location, day of the week, and even the best time to meet.
  5. Regular reporting and useful feedback so you can quickly see what works and focus on better results.