Frequently asked questions

A few answers to some of the most frequent questions our team receives

Our service is about trust and making sure we represent you in a way that’s comfortable for you and that it feels authentic. 

At the end of the day you’re going to be the one going on the date. For us, it’s important that everything we do feels right and feels true to who you are. Period. 

What does your service provide?

When you hire our experts, you are hiring your very own, Personal Online Dating Coach. You have someone that knows how to ask you the right questions so that we can be successful on your behalf. It helps to have your needs and expectations foremost as we write the best profiles or put together your photo gallery. We also perform all your searches and swipes. And we write all your texts, chats, and emails on a continuous basis. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Our goal is to line up as many quality dates as we can that meet your high standards.

Why is your team so successful?

It comes from years of experience. When we do the initial interview with our clients, we know what questions to ask, we take the time to listen and learn as much as we can about what you need, what you’d like to see happen, and what makes you the unique person that you are.

We optimize your online dating profile. We diligently search for quality partners on a daily basis. We consistently deliver the most well thought out chats and emails. 

We take all the hard work out of the online dating world. We take on all the interacting, engaging, and closing with quality matches. Your personal online dating coach and assistant will get you results quickly.

What ages do you usually work with?

Our Dating Coaches have experience working with all ages. We’ve worked with men and women as young as 25, all the way up to age 75.

A trusted, yet fully customized approach makes all the difference. So, our guidance will differ based on your expectations, lifestyle, location, and background. We provide results for all ages.

Will you help me with my picture? And write my profile?

Yes. And yes.

After the initial interview meeting, we begin carefully designing and writing your profile. We take the time to ensure your story aligns with your goals, as well as the online service.

If we receive your pictures and if we still think we should find better ones, we will work with you to get to the best solution. We have access to photographers who can meet with you and get you the best picture possible.

You can count on our professionals to ensure you have the best pictures and that what’s written about you gets you the results you are looking for. 

We have written thousands of profiles and we know what works and what doesn’t. It’s more than just about the people on the other side, we take into account the online dating app algorithms as well.

What if my Executive online Dating Assistant doesn’t know the answer to a question?

During our initial interview meeting, we will ask questions about your background, your siblings, what you like to do for fun. 

We have trained professionals that have an open-ended approach to interviewing. Each has been trained in the process and we have learned to anticipate certain questions. If we don’t have the answer on hand, we will do a best guess, or contact you to obtain the answer. 

To date, we haven’t misrepresented anyone.

Is this a confidential process?

Absolutely. We’ve worked with some very high profile professionals. We understand the importance of discretion and trust. We have worked with people whose discretion is required due to their careers.

All information remains 100% completely confidential.

You can always make your profile private and pre-approve whom we message so that you are in complete control of who sees you online.

Will the inital interview take a long time?

The initial onboarding will take 20 minutes to an hour at most. You don’t need to fill out long forms. We do all the note taking and documentation. Then it’s up to you. You’ll never have to lift a finger again if you choose not to.

I travel a lot. Not sure if this is a good time to start.

We get it. Many of our clients are very busy.

If you sign up for our 3-month program, you can pause your membership up to 3 times within 18 months.

What is your team’s success rate?

We have been incredibly successful. On average, we have found that our clients have found their match within 2-3 months.