Your very own online dating coach

online dating coach

You’ve started online dating, but just can’t seem to get it right. You’re not able to get any likes. And potential matches aren’t responding to your messages.

The reality is that dating sites collect proprietary data and report whichever results they like in order to make claims about the tools or algorithms they use to introduce singles to one another. It’s hard to know which site will work to your advantage and which is more likely to put you at the back of the queue.

  • When you become a Shift Dating Client we take the time to understand your needs.
  • We match you with an Online Dating Coach that has been trained and has the proven experience you need. We make certain you are partnered with someone you can work closely with.
  • Shift Dating offers extensive tools to deliver the foundation you need to for a successful online dating journey. You have access to methods and one-on-one attention so you can start to see success, quickly.
  • Access to real-time feedback as you dive into your online dating app. Whether it’s OKCupid, Hinge, Tinder, or eHarmony, your coach will work with you to fully optimize your bios, your photo-gallery. Your coach will give you the exact feedback you need on how to have smarter chats with your potential matches.
  • Customized coaching to help you prepare for that date!
  • Your coach will go through your concerns and frustrations and provide you with specific advice, tips, and guidance based on the different online dating apps you’re using.

You get access to tips on when you should flatter the heck out of someone and when you should hold back. How to balance your tone with optimism vs. a bit of skepticism. We have a ton of tricks and learnings to pass on to our clients.

A profile for Match might be very different for Tinder or Bumble. You can count on our team to guide you through all of that.

We will be there for you for as long as you need us. Sometimes clients need to come back a few times as they try different tricks on Match or eHarmony. Other times, clients have instant success based on the new online dating advice they’ve applied.