For every online dating challenge we have a solution

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Stop swiping. Start dating.

Are you struggling to meet the right people? More desirable dates? You have a lot to offer, but you just can’t seem to find someone that checks off all the boxes. Bumble isn’t working for you and you’re frustrated with Tinder. 

If you want to go on more dates, we’re here to help!

Shift Dating helps time starved online daters, discreetly, and confidently find success with online dating.

Each of our Shift Dating Professionals are dedicated just to you. They are hands on. Available by text. We work closely with you to optimize your online dating profile, strategy, and tactics.

We’ll teach you small tricks such as -being negative or whining on your bio is a huge turn off! We’ll be there to help you navigate through apps such as League or Cheekd.

You won’t have to lift a finger. Leave the work to us.

Shift the way you think about dating. Forever.

The average app dater spends 90 minutes a day swiping and messaging. That's 14 extra weeks of work per year. Less than 10% of them succeed.

Executive coaching

Dating Coach Support Call - Shift Dating

You’ve had enough of managing your online dating life. You’ve got better things to do with your day. Let us manage it all. You get your very own personal Online Dating Professional.

All our matches are hand-picked. We don’t believe in algorithms for this. The Online dating apps out there already have that built in. We work around those algorithms on your behalf. We start to get you results.

In order to successfully and confidently manage your online dating life, our team of professionals will need to learn how to best present and represent you. This will ensure we are curating the best for you. It’s important there’s a completely seamless transition from the online to the first meeting.

If you are accepted as a client, during this initial interview you will have a confidential discussion with your new assistant. This is an opportunity to learn about your relationship must-haves, desires, and goals. It’s an important step and it helps your new assistant familiarize themselves with all the qualities that make you the unique person you are.

Profile setup

Dating Coach Reviews Client Profile - Shift Dating

Setting up an online dating profile is crazy time consuming. And often people go about setting up these profiles in a rush or put up sad looking selfies. And then misrepresent themselves in the bios. There is a better way! 

It’s time to have a professional help you. You’d do the same if you wanted to land that dream job and you know you need a pro to help with your resume. 

Our team will take the time to learn about your dating goals. Once we have that on the table, we will work to set up your online dating photo gallery.

We will write your bios in a clever, yet authentic way. And, we’ll provide you with one-on-one, ongoing guidance for the offline part of dating to show you how to build rapport with the matches you hope for.

If you want to get the job done, hire one of our Online Dating Professionals to give you some helpful tips and advice on what makes a successful online dating profile. This includes:

  • Optimized photo gallery. Includes Photoshop if necessary.

  • Carefully crafted bios for up to three different platforms. Includes long and short form.

  • Personalized online dating tips, advice, and coaching so you can learn how to message, chat and email potential matches.

Online dating coach

Online dating is filled with nuances. Apps such as Bumble, Tinder, Match, and Hinge all have different algorithms to push forward different profiles and limit the exposure of others.

The team at Shift Dating understands how they work. We coach our clients through how best to leverage these online dating apps to benefit their personal expectations.

What a lot of people don’t know is each app has different “priorities”. Sometimes one person’s profile will get continuous likes and swipes based on finicky things such as education, sex, and hobbies. While others for less obvious reasons will get put on the back burner. Working with your Shift Dating Coach, you will learn how to get past these hurdles and start winning.

Our team will work closely with you to crafting clever bios, yet ensure authenticity. We will help you setup your photo-gallery in the best way possible. We will also throw in some tips and tricks so you can start to build rapport with potential matches.

  • Advice and tips on how to set up your photo galleries.

  • Tips on how to craft a smarter online dating bio.

  • Coaching, tips, and guidance on specific techniques for online dating.