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The best advice for setting up your Bumble profile

So, how can you set up the best Bumble profile to make the app work for you?

Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd with the mission of addressing some of the most common issues women face when online dating, including unsolicited explicit photos and generally creepy, disrespectful behaviour.

So if you’re a single woman, the app is thankfully already on your side. You’ve got a head start, but what can you do to stand out and make sure that you find the right matches and find you? This guide will help you carefully craft your Bumble profile to turn around your online dating experience.


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Make Your Profile Picture Perfect

The right photos can convey a bit of who you are and what you’re looking for. So put your best photos forward and make sure your first one makes them do a double-take. Keep these key factors in mind to look your best:

  • Good natural lighting (around sunset or the golden hour is best)
  • An inviting smile and eye contact with your viewer
  • Try to use engaging and colourful but not distracting backgrounds

Photos with these qualities are more likely to earn a right swipe. Mirror-selfies not so much. So whip out that mini tripod and get to know your camera’s self-timer.

You might want to think about including full-body photos. This can be scary, but remember that Bumble is designed with women in mind. You deserve someone who’ll adore and accept you as you are. A full-body photo where you’re radiating confidence might even save you from wasting time with body shammers.

The photos on your Bumble profile should also complement your bio. For example, if you’re writing about how outdoorsy you are, include shots from your latest hike or an adventurous getaway. 

If you’re snap-happy with tons of pics but no idea which ones are Bumble worthy, a 2017 study showed that asking a stranger to choose your photos can prove beneficial. Why not put that theory to the test by recruiting a Shift Dating expert to select the best pictures for your Bumble profile?

Have an unusual hobby? A niche interest? Or something you're absolutely nerd level obsessed with? Share it!

Write an Authentic Bio

Be yourself! It’s advice we hear so often that it doesn’t seem like much advice at all, but when it comes to forming real deep connections being yourself is crucial. 

Besides, pretending to be someone you’re not just to impress a potential date is exhausting and ultimately pointless. 

Being yourself means putting your best foot forward while always staying genuine. This involves putting your best foot forward. It just means being genuine while you’re at it.

Have an unusual hobby? A niche interest? Or something you’re absolutely nerd level obsessed with? Share it!

Including these elements in your Bumble bio can attract people who share your unique interests and passions, and even better, it shows a bit of vulnerability.

There’s evidence to back it up too. A series of studies revealed that being yourself or focusing on authenticity when dating makes you more attractive to potential mates and displays emotional intelligence. 

Using your bio to convey what makes you uniquely you will make your profile memorable and draw in the types of matches you’re looking for. 

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You should never settle for less or ignore red flags or deal-breakers, but there's a way to weed out what you don't want by instead really honing what you do want.

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Focus on the Positive

Have you ever read a Bumble bio full of dislikes, “don’t talk to me if,” and “you have to be X, Y, and Z” declarations? Even if you share the person’s dislikes or fit their criteria, it makes a terrible first impression. 

So despite your frustrations, don’t use your bio to focus on the negative or past dating drama. 

You should never settle for less or ignore red flags or deal-breakers, but there’s a way to weed out what you don’t want by instead really honing what you want. 

Write your bio when you’re in a good mood and have some time to yourself to reflect on what sort of relationship you’re searching for. You can even keep things light and easy by turning your bio into a clever list of likes. Try to use a range of interests and a dash of wit and you’re sure to succeed. 

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Let’s say you list the following likes:

  • Experimenting in the kitchen
  • Subjecting my friends to my Celine Dion renditions at the karaoke bar
  • Jogging and long bike rides along the lakefront

This can give someone a window into what you enjoy and value. 

Care about fitness? Have a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously? Instead of going on a typical dinner date, you might prefer to take a cooking class or cooking at home together. 

This simple list paints a positive picture of you and can help keep conversations lively. 

Oh, and definitely, before you hit submit, be sure to proofread your bio to make it perfect. 

Be Attentive and Proactive

Women already tend to use apps differently than their male counterparts.

But just in case you find yourself swiping aimlessly ⁠— hey, this isn’t Tinder ⁠— you’ll want to change your habits by prioritizing quality of matches over quantity. Yes, this means actually reading those Bumble bios before the final swipe.

Take note of what, aside from their super cute pics, made you swipe right.

Then think about how you might be able to include something similar or memorable in your own Bumble bio or in a conversation with this particular cutie.

This is Bumble, and you’re the one coming up with that engaging opener.

Be confident and proactive when starting the conversation. Remember that reading each potential match’s bio will help you stay selective and focus on the quality of your matches over the quantity.

As you read, be sure to keep your goals in mind. Does this person seem to be looking for the same type of relationship you are?

Do they share any similar interests or display a quality that you find particularly attractive? You’ve got nothing to lose by making the first move, and it’s great practice for success on and off the app.

Know other single women who are using Bumble? Ask to read their profiles for inspiration too.

It All Adds Up

Incorporating all of these elements to achieve your best Bumble profile might seem like a lot, but just remember that as a single woman,

Bumble puts you in control for a reason.

This app is there to facilitate your success. Make the most of your Bumble experience by taking these steps to make sure your profile is match ready. 

Still not sure if your profile is up to par? Or maybe your profile is getting the swipes it deserves?

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